• Radico 100% Certified Organic Hair Colour - Copper Brown

Radico 100% Certified Organic Hair Colour - Copper Brown

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A dark brown shade enriched with gorgeous copper pigments.

  • The Organic Hair Colour Is A Perfect Blend Of Various Herbs That Effectively Dye And Cover Grey Hair. For Stronger, Shinier And Healthier Hair The Chemical-Free Way.


  • Free From Harmful Synthetic Substances
  • Naturally Covers Grey Hair
  • Lends The Hair A Healthy Shine
  • Strengthens The Roots Of The Hair & Prevents Hair Damage
  • Colour Washes Out After 30 Days - Without Needing Shampoo Or Conditioner
  • Safe And Easy To Use In The Comfort Of Your Home
  • Suitable For Men & Women


  • The Application Time May Take Up To 60 Minutes
  • To Achieve A Darker Shade, It Is Recommended To Leave The Dye On For Longer Than Is Advised. Added Heat, Such As Using A Blow-Dryer May Also Help The Process Along.
  • Due To Natural Oxidation, The Hair Colour May Appear Darker In The First 5 Days After The Treatment.
  • Results May Vary Depending On The Hair Colour. 

Direction For Use, Important Colour Application Tips And Prepping The Hair Before Application

  • Thoroughly Wash The Hair With A Natural/Organic Shampoo Before Using The Natural Plant Colour (Avoid Hair Products That Contain Silicone) And Dry With A Towel. This Step Is Essential For Achieving The Best Colour Results. Do Not Use Any Conditioners Or Hair Treatments Prior To Colouring The Hair.
  • The Hair Should Be Free Of Any Oils, Gels, Styling Products Or Product Residues Such As Conditioner. Unlike Convention Hair Dyes That Damage And Break The Hair Shaft, Radico Colour Me Organic Settles On The Hair Shaft. Thus, The Paste Works Best When Applied To Clean Hair.

Prepping The Paste

  • Use The Required Quantity Corresponding To The Length Of The Hair.
    • Short Hair: 20 G - 30 G
    • Shoulder-Length Hair: 40 G - 60 G
    • Long Hair: 70 G - 100 G
  • The Water Used Should Have A Temperature Range Of Between 50°C To 70°C (Dark Tones 50°C, Blonde Tones 70°C And Red Tones 60°C.
  • Pure Tap Water Or Distilled Water Results In A Better Colour Outcome.
  • Slowly Pour Small Quantities Of Water With The Herbal Powder In A Bowl And Mix Well Until A Yoghurt-Like Consistency Is Reached.
  • Do Not Use Any Metal Spoons While Prepping Or Upon Application.
  • Create A Thicker Consistency By Adding More Powder To The Paste To Cover Short Hair, Grey Hair Or Difficult-To-Reach Areas Such As The Temples.


  • Dry The Hair With A Towel After Shampooing. Start Applying The Paste While The Hair Is Still Slightly Damp Beginning At The Roots To The Lengthens Of The Hair. It Is Recommended To Use An Applicator Brush.
  • Ensure That All The Hair Is Coated.
  • The Paste Can Also Be Applied To The Scalp To Condition The Skin.
  • A Thicker Paste Is Best Used On Very Short Or Grey Hair.
  • Once All The Hair Is Coated, Use A Blow-Dryer To Dry The Hair For 1 - 2 Minutes And Cover The Hair With A Disposable Shower Cap.
  • A Blow-Dryer Can Be Used Every 15 - 20 Minutes, 2 - 3 During The Leave-In Process. Do Not Remove The Shower Cap During This Time.
  • This Step Is Not Necessary But Recommended. The Heat Activates The Organic Herbs In The Paste Which In Turn Supports The Colouring Process.

Application Time:

  • Cover The Hair With A Disposable Shower Cap Or Plastic Wrap Once All The Hair Is Coated.
  • Leave The Paste On For 120 Minutes.
  • Very Grey Hair May Require A Longer Application Period.
  • The Paste Can Be Left On The Hair For Up To 3 Hours.


  • Rinse The Hair With Plenty Of Running Water - Shampoo Is Not Required.
  • To Achieve Optimum Results, It Is Recommended To Avoid The Use Of Shampoo/Conditioner For The First 24 Hours After Application. If A Shampoo Is Used In This Time-Frame It Is Advised To Opt For A Natural/Organic Version.

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